Transparent, Non-political, Fiscally Responsible Leadership


Why am I running?

I am seeking this office to support public education, to give everyone the same opportunity I had to become successful at work, and to give back to the community. I believe that embracement of the arts, academics, and athletics is key to a well-balanced education, and the future success of our children. In this era where opinions dangerously masquerade as facts, critical thinking skills are essential. To encourage critical thinking, I support opportunities for students to explore all different realms of education through vocational training, college counseling, or any alternate paths. 

Why should you care?

Parkland stands as one of the best districts in the area with lowest taxes in the valley and excellence in arts, academic and athletics. Excellence in school board candidates also matters. As a parent and a current board member it’s important for me that we keep cultural wars, division and politics to gain higher office out of our board. Let’s focus on providing the best education for our kids. School districts all over the country are getting mired in bickering due to candidates and board members trying to make a political name for themselves while creating challenges for the kids and unnecessarily burning taxpayer money. We don’t need that distraction and wastage in Parkland.

My 3 New Initiatives